Unstick Your Writing ✨ 

We all have those moments when we feel stuck: with a small or large project; with a writing practice; with creativity in general. I've been through this, and I can help you get through it too.


I have nearly twenty years of experience editing for publications and organizations including Medium, JSTOR, Conde Nast, and the literary magazine Joyland. I've taught for Yale Writers' Workshop, NYU, Sackett Street Writing Workshops, Gotham Writers Workshop, The Resort LIC, Catapult, and Story Studio Chicago. I've published three novels with major publishing houses, and hundreds of essays in publications like Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, Coastal Living, O: The Oprah Magazine, and the New York Times Modern Love column.

I write a free newsletter about getting unstuck. You can read it and subscribe here.

I also teach writing workshops in Brooklyn. My upcoming workshops for Sackett Street Writers Workshop are listed here.

My clients have gone on to publish in places like the LA Times, Jezebel, Tablet, and various literary magazines. Some of my clients have sold their books to major publishing houses. I've helped writers to query and sign agents, grow their newsletters, hone book proposals, and (maybe most importantly) get back on track with their creative practices after serious blocks. 


For edits of shorter pieces (essays, articles, short stories, or even a query letter or pitch), I offer a sliding scale of $100-$175 an hour. (One hour minimum.)

For full manuscript consults and developmental book editing, contact me for a quote. I'll look at your manuscript and figure out how long it will take me, and we can go from there. 


I also offer a Get Unstuck coaching package, which is tailored to writers' needs, but generally is shaped something like:

  •  An introductory hour-long phone call or video chat, where we         discuss your writing goals and process

  • Weekly email exchanges where you send me writing (either something you're working on, or responses to generative prompts I provide) and I send you feedback

  • Accountability check-ins via text or email


  • 6 weeks minimum commitment; price for 6 week session is $1000, due in two installments



Contact me for more information, or go ahead and schedule a free 15-minute consultation. I can't wait to hear more about your writing projects.



"Working with Amy Shearn took me from aspiring writer all the way to publication. The work we did together was incredibly valuable. In working with me on my manuscript, Amy taught me how fiction works, from character development to narrative arc to believable dialogue. I highly recommend working with her if you have a manuscript that needs to be taken to the next level."

-Amy Poeppel, author of the critically-acclaimed novels Small Admissions and Limelight.

"I had so much fun working with Amy Shearn on my manuscript, I only wish I had more time/funds/novels to workshop with her. I found her to be a very thoughtful editor who gave incisive yet supportive feedback. She took a great deal of care and was thorough in helping me re-think my book. She also brought some new insights to my story that had not occurred to me. I loved working with her so much that I’m going to risk misspelling the following word: exemplary."

-Tina Lee, author of the YA novel-in-progress Winnie Kim's 1984 Mix Tape.

"I was lucky enough to meet Amy while revising my first novel. I had dusted off my manuscript, laid it out on the operating table, and needed a fresh editorial perspective from someone not a blood relative. Working with Amy was awesome. She gave my book a very thoughtful, careful read and came back with insights that really helped me make cuts (killing your darlings isn't easy!) and edits that got the story arc where it needed to go. Amy has a keen editorial eye and great sense of humor (important in this business) and I'd recommend her to any fellow writer."


-Helen Wan, author of The Partner Track, a Book Club selection of REAL SIMPLE and The National Association of Women Lawyers

Edited Work

A short assortment of writing I have edited:


for Forge, Medium's personal development publication:
"Self-Care Won't Cure What Ails You," by Ada Calhoun

"It's Time to Reset Your Relationship's Power Dynamics," by Brigid Schulte
"How Google Drive Can Make Every Corner of Your Life Easier," by Alexandra Samuel

for JSTOR Daily:

"The Fairytale Language of the Brothers Grimm," by Chi Luu

"Being a Victorian Librarian Was Oh-So-Dangerous," by Livia Gershon

"Charles Knowlton, the Father of American Birth Control," by Amy Sohn

for Joyland Literary Magazine:

"Long Exposure," by Hala Alyan

"VJ Day," by Kirstin Allio

"We Drew This Picture of JonBenet," by Megan Walsh

Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation.