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Illustration by Sarah Wilkins for Amy Shearn's essay "Changing Tides" in the November 2016 issue of Coastal Living magazine.

"How to Parent Via App Medium

"I Miss Libraries" Human Parts 


  "'Liam, We Talked About Your Focus!': Modern Masculinity, The Gig       Economy and Little League Dads Slate

  "A Writer’s Mommy Guilt"  The New York Times

  "My Holiday Wish: Unbridled Snacking"   Real Simple

  "Supertraveler Secrets to Traveling with KidsScholastic

  "Parenting Styles: Is Strict or Lenient Better?" - Scholastic

  "7 Things Never To Say To A Stay-At-Home Mom"  Huffington Post


   All Parenting Posts on Redbook

   "Life Lessons From Lollipop the Caterpillar" Redbook

   "Notable Mothers From Our Favorite Books Redbook


Amy's parenting writing has also appeared on the sites xoJane, Mommy Poppins, Fit Pregnancy, What To Expect, and the print publications Parent & ChildParents, Real Simple, and Coastal Living.

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